Retractable Rod Fiber Dust Cleaning Artifact

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1.4m/55 in
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Are you suffering from any of the following cleaning worries?

  • Climbing ladders to clean high places
  • Difficult to clean the corners and crevices, which makes the dust a thick layer.
  • Dust flying all over the room.

Try our latest cleaning artifact. 

  • Electrostatic adsorption of dust, effectively avoid dust from dancing in the air.
  • Can be bent at will to clean any surface
  • Soft and gentle, does not harm the surface of the furniture

Key Features

Retractable Rod

Clean everything from the top of your ceiling to the baseboards in hard-to-reach places with our strong extension pole. It can easily clean the corners, gaps, sofa, bedside, furniture bottom, and narrow spaces which are hard to clean. You never need to step on ladders or crouch on the ground ! let you sweep ash and dust easier!

Draw Dust like Magnet

Millions of tiny fibers quickly trap dust, lint, bread crumbs, hair, dirt so you can clean effortlessly without using harmful chemicals. It'll never scratch your application surfaces. The good-quality microfiber duster can pick up a load of dust under your furniture.

Flexible enough for all Tight Spaces and Curved Surfaces

The dust brush enables you to clean underneath the couch and chairs without having to move them, and it can be widely used for cleaning the bed bottom, sofa gap, air conditioning, couch, floor, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, garages and ceiling, under furniture/appliances, and other narrow gaps, etc.

Detachable and Washable

The microfiber cloth is detachable and washable. All you have to do is simply taking off the microfiber head for hand washing or machine washing for cycling use. The finely woven fibers will not come off.


Material: stainless steel + cleaning fiber

Color: Gray

Size: 1.4m/55 in, 2.5m/100in, 2.8m/110in

Function: Dusting

Package Includes

1*Retractable Rod Fiber Cleaning Artifact


1. Colors may vary due to different monitors.

2. For manual measurements, please allow 1-2 cm for errors.